Genesys Story Point Explanation

I’d like to talk about the Genesys role-playing game system. More particularly, a very important game mechanic we forgot to mention in the earlier Genesys video. This mechanic would be the Story Point; these are a very powerful resource given to the players and GM alike and can be used in a variety of ways. Before I get into how they are used, let me explain how they work in a mechanical sense as this will be a prerequisite for understanding their uses.

Story Points are introduced onto the table at the start of the game. Our players sit down for a session and each player will get 1 player Story Point to the pool and the GM will add 1 GM Story Point. Whenever a Story Point is used, it will flip over and become the other side’s Story Point. Say for example, when a player uses a Story Point, they would be granted the effect and then it would become a GM Story Point. There is no limit to the number of times a Story Point may be flipped during game play.

Now to explain how they are used in game. Story Points function as a way for characters to do a variety of things ranging from producing an item that they “remembered” to buy, to possibly to activate a certain ability or to upgrade or downgrade skill checks. The uses of Story Points are almost endless and are treated as openly and freeform as the rest of the game.

Story points also function as a kind of Deus Ex Machina for the players and GM. This lets the story continue without any major hold ups. Many times in previous games using this system, a character would have forgot something and for the sake of time and pacing, the GM will usually say “Flip a Story Point” and the game continues as normal. Another useful thing that players may want to use their story points for are to establish certain relationships. These can be a simple as the character knowing a contact to find a certain item that the group is looking for or that another NPC owes them a favor.

In conclusion, Story Points are another one of this system’s unique game mechanics that make it smooth and fun to play. Not bogging down the game with “book diving” helps to make playing a more enjoyable experience and Story Points help to make the stories more interesting (and sometimes harder on the GM!). Being able to say things are a certain way can give a lot more creative freedom to players and the GM. Also, it adds a fun resource pool for players to utilize in almost any creative way they can think up. Please check out our YouTube channel here for more info on Genesys!



Dalia Hunter