Behind the Scenes with the Genesys Role-Playing Game

As the self-appointed and self-proclaimed assistant GM (Game Master), I wanted to talk with you about some of the things we do behind the scenes to bring you the smooth listening experience. In this post I won’t be talking about the editing of the podcast; I’ll talk about how we go about developing each character’s backstories, spending XP (experience points), and coming up with plans.

So we must begin at the beginning, with character creation, so this system is all about the narrative. It’s meant to be very cinematic and spectacular, maybe even tongue in check at points. So I wanted to make everyone’s character have the same kind of uniqueness that the whole crew does. So my process was simple, sit down with the person making the character and have them tell me about them, their strengths, weaknesses, and overall personality. This of course is a method that becomes an issue as I also did the 7 & 5 year olds characters the same way, which is how you end up with a pink sugar-glider that shoots bubbles and survives on a diet of strawberries! Next in my process is to start to put their ideas into tangible numbers. This is where I take over for the youngest kids but for the older ones I simply make suggestions to how their ideas would function and help them mold their ideas into playable characters. This is a very custom process and changes from person to person so it’s hard to detail the steps. After the character design, we will usually finalize their lore and solidify abilities.

During play, we only record the parts of the story that actually move forward, so in between what you hear we are always planning out our next move. Many times Dude will stop the recording during parts that need planning and we will then discuss during the next day. For example, let’s say that another party would have approached a castle in which they need to “remove” something, our GM would pause the session and let people talk about the plan and then during the next session we could proceed right to the execution of that plan.

So like in most RPGs, we will gain experience points after missions, and as it doesn’t require the GM to be present, I make sure that each player spends their experience. I also help to make sure that people do their math right and to find certain talents that would fit their characters very well. Also one of the other fun things to do is find fun talents from other resources that would really fit their character. Check out our YouTube channel here for more videos about Genesys!

Dalia Hunter