Dude's Family Adventure Logo Design Process

The ideas behind the logo design were that I wanted to include both the nature we will be exploring and the cities we will be learning about on our trips. The original name of the blog was going to be “Ohana” which means family in Hawaiian, but we decided not to go with it. We needed a name that was more suited to us since we don’t live in Hawaii and aren’t even Hawaiian! But we liked the idea of family so we wanted something that could show that. Families are all very different but together as one so I tried to show the idea of that in the design.

I tried to use the colors that were different, showing a larger contrast between the forest and the city area. I didn’t have the best drawing supplies when I did this drawing, but for a rough draft, I liked it. For the forest section, Dude had an old logo of a forest that I drew some inspiration from. 

I created this draft so that our graphic artist, Kristy Olson, could turn it into a  digital logo. I don’t have the computer equipment to do that yet. 

I also thought that I could change the city to look more like the places that we may go visit. Our first trip with Dude’s Family Adventures is to Canada and Alaska, but after that some of us will be going to Japan. We also really love the outdoors, so wherever we do go, we know that we will be going on hikes and seeing nature. 

Written by a Dude’s Family Adventurer

Dalia Hunter