Dude's Family Adventure T-shirt Design Process

When I first heard that I was chosen to design the Dude’s Family Adventures T-shirts, I was really surprised and excited. I felt as if it was this huge honor and responsibility, but I thought that I was up for the challenge. We talked about what we generally wanted for the shirts and that we wanted different shirts for the staff (us) and everyone else. First, for the staff T-shirt, I started with a couple concept sketches and got critiques and adjustments from Dude and Dalia. Then, I drew the background and theme for the T-shirt. Next, I had to get good pictures of Kaylee and Dax and their shoes/harnesses for their design onto the T-shirt. Kaylee and Dax are going to be our “mascots” for the trip, and we wanted them in the shirt design. After all this, I decided to let my creativity do the work and I made the road going up one of Alaska’s hills and having the staff names in between the curves. For the other T-shirt design, I thought “What colors and things do you think of when you think of Alaska?” I thought of snow, the color blue, and mountains. So I based it off of those ideas and created the T-shirt with these ideas in mind. Once we used the dog mushing design, we did not like how it looked on the shirt. So we changed to just having a picture of Kaylee and Dax’s heads on the back of the shirt. We hope you like it! You can get yours if you click on the Shop page now!

Written by a Dude’s Family Adventurer

Dalia Hunter