KSAT 12 interview with Max Massey


The interview was scheduled for 8 A.M. Wednesday, June 6. The DFA/Keystone crew wasn’t all there, sadly, because Emily was ill. So she stayed back at home and rested while Will and Grace went to the interview with Max Massey (and his camera man!). 

Everyone was right on time, and after a quick set up, the interviews began. Dude was interviewed first. Dude talked a lot about why he picked this RV, the steps it took to get there from where he was, and how the whole idea of Dude's Family Adventures started and progressed since then. That only took about 10 or 15 minutes.

Next up for interviewing was Will. Max asked Will how he felt about all of this and what was he most excited about? There was no rush with the interview since they planned for it to take longer but we finished early because Dude and Will answered all the questions in interview in one fell swoop! That meant that Grace and Dalia were not needed for the interview at all, but that was okay. Everyone was very impressed that it was so quick and that they just needed Will and Dude. The interview ended before 10:00 A.M. We can't wait to see it on the air and will share the link once we have it. Because the interview was so quick, we didn't even get any pictures for the blog! Please click here to see the video!

Dalia Hunter