Test trip to Lost Maples State Natural Area

The test trip was from February 9 to 11, and we went to Lost Maples State Natural Area. We went on a test trip so we could make sure that everything worked out and fix any problems. Tigo wasn't able to go because his school basketball team was in the semifinals and he needed to be there for his team. So we had our first backup kid come, Montana. We wanted to leave around noon, but the RV had been in for some service and we didn't get it back until about 3pm on Friday. This would push our time table out by a few hours. We then had to rush to load up all of the food and gear into the RV. We were afraid that we might have left something behind. Unfortunately, while leaving the driveway, we hit a bird feeder and it made a tear in the back of the RV and bent the bumper! It didn’t stop us from going on to the park but it would have to get fixed later.

Lost Maples is about a 2 to 3 hour drive from where we are, so when we got there it is was dark. All of us quickly set up (we forgot our water hose and had to borrow one from the camp host!) while Dalia made dinner. After that we set the RV up for sleep and then we talked for a bit before going to bed. We were excited about going on the hike tomorrow so it did take us a bit to get quiet.

The next day we all awoke, had eggs for breakfast, and packed up to go on a hike. Everyone went on the hike except Dalia, who stayed back to make dinner and Kaylee, who had a cracked nail. We all had a great time on the hike seeing all the sights to see there. Dude took his camera so we could film the hike. It was really fun even though it was really hot out and we didn't bring enough water. But we all made the whole hike! When we got back, Dalia had made chili for all of us. After showers, we headed back to the RV, ate dinner, cleaned up and then played Uno. We only stayed up for a little bit longer because we were tired from the hike. 
The next day we had to get up early and head back home so we could still have time before the sun went down. We didn't know but it had gotten below freezing so it was really cold out when Dude got us up all early to have us clean up and breakdown camp. And it had been so warm and nice yesterday for our hike! We had a quick breakfast then were on the road. During the long drive back, some people drew, some napped, some talked. But most people took naps. We made a pit spot at a gas station to stretch, gas up, and let the dogs out. We also had some sandwiches for lunch and after that we made it the rest of the way home. 

We did have a few things not go well on this trip but we all had a good time. The hike was fun, but hot. We know we have to bring a lot more water. Then we also forgot the water hose so that is why we we go on the real trip we will have a checklist of things we need. One of the big kids will be in charge of making sure we don't forget anything on the list, like the hose! We also know that we have to make sure we have enough blankets since it got so cold that 2nd night. And we hope that everyone (like Togo and Kaylee) will be ok for the next hike. And we learned a lot of other stuff too, like how do we handle 9 toothbrushes all in the same bathroom? Our dirty clothes? Taking the dogs out? This trip did get us very excited for going to Alaska! Check out our video on YouTube!

Dalia Hunter