TV interview with Leah Durain of KENS-TV

The interview was a really cool experience for all of us. Some of us were nervous in the beginning, but as it progressed on, we became less so. This was the first time we were all on the news. But we had a really fun time doing the interview and talking all about our online school, Keystone, and how it allows us take these trips. We can still do our school while we travel because if we have a computer and the internet, we can do school anywhere!

Leah Durain, the woman that interviewed us, was really nice and we were all pleasantly surprised that she actually wrote all of the questions, did the interview, the lights, the camera, and everything! She was really amazing; she was nice and patient with us. Since we are getting our own cameras too, she let us look at her equipment and explained what it did. 

We all had a really great time doing the interview and it was really fun. We can’t wait to go to Alaska (and one of us to Japan!) and have lots of fun. We will learn so much!

Click here to see Leah Durain of KENS-TV interview us!

Written by a Dude’s Family Adventurer

Dalia Hunter