My Woman of Steel

Dalia picture.jpeg

The strongest person I know is not my mom or a police officer or fireman but my wife. She has a debilitation that changes every day, sometimes it can surprise her and change mid-day. You see, she is not strong physically; even if she was it would not be that impressive. Where she is strong is her determination to get up every day. I know almost everyone on the planet is doing that. However, they are not doing it knowing they will not ever make a full day of it. They cannot hold down even a simple job and a short walk is an accomplishment. I bet now you think I’m describing a grandma or a much older mother, nope! She been on this train her whole life. You see this sickness only takes, and every inch of rope you lose, you can’t get it back, ever. We use the phrase “Use it or lose it!” all the time and you see that is where it comes from I think. She gets up and tries even though she knows she will lose at some point during the day no matter what she is doing. She suffers through the pain every day to get out and do something even though she has no idea what part of her body this horrid affliction will attack next. With her limited amount of time and energy, she still finds time to do something nice for me.

The biggest thing I think, is how she accepts what she’s gotten dealt. She takes the day for what it’s worth and makes the best of it, even though she knows it could pop it’s head out and ruin any day it pleases and there is nothing she can do about it. Sure, the expensive treatments and meds can help shave off a sharp edge but it’s her inner strength that makes it happen.

How does this have anything to do with Alaska, beyond that she is going? She is the clockwork behind the scene not me. She gets up, spends her limited amount of time on days she can lining up stuff for as long as she can. Most of the things we will see she will not fully enjoy because she needs to lay down after a long drive or a two or three mile walk is just too much of the day’s energy. So imagine every day you have to will yourself up just to do morning duties knowing that doing them might be all the energy you have for that day but you get up and do it anyway, every day! She has rheumatoid arthritis and she keeps going. That’s strong!

Dalia Hunter