RV Pickup Day!

On November 30th, Dude and Dalia flew to pick up their new RV. Now that they had decided to take their 7 nieces and nephews to Alaska, they needed to find a rig to seat everyone. They had to get all of the parents to agree to this trip as well! Once okayed, they had to make sure that the rig could carry 2 adults, 7 kids of various ages, 2 dogs, and everyone’s gear. This was much more difficult than originally  thought. They looked at all classes of RVs, considering the weight limits of each. Many were ruled out immediately due to not having enough seat belts. They ending up calling a lot of manufacturers directly asking about weight limits and seat belts. They drove to many dealers, sometimes a day trip away! They went through tons of websites gathering data. After MONTHS of research to find a unit that had 9 seat belts, they finally found a used rig that would be perfect! 

Their prior experience with RV’s had only been with their tiny 13-foot travel trailer. The new RV was a C-class (drivable motorhome) and 30-feet long! But it had enough belts for each passenger and room for the dogs, too! Oddly enough, they found the rig in another state and hadn’t seen it before the day they bought it! After a quick orientation, they had about a 14-hour drive to get home to south central Texas after picking up the rig. Dude’s Family Adventures was one step closer to becoming reality! They were both excited and a bit nervous. Check out the video here!

Olivia Hayse