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Who are Dude and Dalia?

James (aka “Dude") has homeschooled six kids for the last thirteen years. He started with three as babies. Then as they grew, he homeschooled their three younger cousins from birth as well. The kids have all called him “Dude” since it was easier to say than James. 2018 is his last year and summer with his “kids” as they all transition to regular schooling. Not being quite ready to give them up, he decided that a family RV trip from Texas to Alaska would be the perfect way to say goodbye. We even added one more cousin that goes to regular school! 

Dude knew that the parents would miss their kids and wanted to share his adventures with family and friends at home during the seven week journey. So he decided to create videos and post them online.  One thing led to another and Dude’s Family Adventures is born!

Dalia is the behind-the-scenes person helping to keep Dude organized. She no longer works due to a disability of Rheumatoid Arthritis but she is lucky enough to be able spend more time with her nieces and nephews. Understanding how sad Dude will be saying goodbye to his “kids” she agreed that a big send off trip to Alaska is a great way to end things!

There are limits to how much Dalia can do, so we hired a marketing team to help us promote and reach out to other families about our adventures. We are all inclusive; no disabilities big or small should prevent a family from enjoying RV travel and seeing what our wonderful country has to offer! Please follow us on our journeys and see what adventures await Dude’s Family!